Travel and Traffic Information

The information shown below details all changes to roads and any traffic management in place, with dates and specific areas impacted. Please click on the maps to see full details of the road sections affected.

Impact Location Dates Details Documents
Traffic Management C128c Cults to Kingshill From 11 December 2017 to 10 June 2019

Countesswells Development Limited have applied for a temporary speed restriction of 30 mph along the C128c.


Aberdeen City Council has made the above-named order in terms of its powers under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. 

The effect of the order, which will operate from 05:00 on 11 December, 2017, until 24:00 on 10 June, 2019, is to impose a temporary 30mph speed restriction on the C128C Cults-Kingshill, Aberdeen, and the C128C Kirk Brae, Aberdeen, between a point 60 metres south of its junction with the access road to Nether Fifeshill, and a point 55 metres south of its junction with Countesswells Road.  There will also be a 30mph speed restriction on the C127C Blacktop Road, Aberdeen, between its junction with the C128C Cults-Kingshill, and a point 40 metres west of this junction.
The measure is necessary to protect public safety while a permanent order is progressed.


Road Closure Proposed weekend road closure of C128c Cults-Kingshill, Aberdeen Weekends 11to 12 November and 18 to 19 November 2017

Summary of the proposed Temporary Traffic Regulation Order for Cathodic Protection Works

from 07:00 on 11 November, 2017, until 19:00 on 12 November, 2017, and from 07:00 on 18 November, 2017, until 19:00 on 19 November, 2017

Restriction: Prohibition of driving on the C128C Cults-Kingshill, Aberdeen, between its junctions with the C127C Blacktop Road, and the A944 Skene Road. 

Alternative Route: via Countesswells Road, Springfield Road, Queen’s Road, and Skene Road.

Access to residence will be maintained.

All residence south of the closure will be required to access there dwellings via Blacktop Road.


The contractors have advised Cathodic Protection Works will take place at the two blue points on the map :

  • The first set of works will at the point in the road next to Kingshill Cottage.
  • Followed by the second set of works at the point in the road next to Newton of Countesswells and The Steading at Newton of Countesswells .


Misc Countesswells Public Transport Survey 11th July to 25th August 2017

The purpose of this survey is to gather information, to assist the Public Transport Unit at Aberdeen City Council, to present a case to the councils committee, in September 2017; that there is a need now for public transport to Countesswells. Your help completing this survey is greatly appreciated.

Public Transport Survey
Traffic Management Countesswells Road and the C128c Kingshill to Cults road Intermittently on until end of May

Works are still continuing on Countesswells Road and the C128c Kingshill to Cults road under off peak traffic lights.

Off- Peak is from 9.30 till 3.30 during week days or all weekend.


The C128c Kingshill to Cults road will have these intermittently on until end of May

Countesswells Rd should be clear after next week when testing works are completed.


Traffic Management C128c Kingshill-Cults Road and Countesswells Road From 22nd March 2017

We wish to advise you that WM Donald Ltd are installing temporary traffic lights at the north end of the C128c, just on the bend between Kingshill House and Osborne and on a section of the Countesswells Road by Hazlehead Golf and Denwood TS Centre.

These are very short term and temporary measures as the contractor prepares the site for the diversion of overhead cables by SSEN in the area.   

Please take care when driving and we thank you for your cooperation.